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FENDER is a trademark of Fender LLC, a manufacturing company that gathers professionals in the design, production and sales of fenders and mooring systems. The head office of the company is located in Novorossiysk and works with representatives in the regions of the Russian Federation, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and China. The FENDER engineering center is located in St. Petersburg and is constantly in direct contact with the head office and customers. Fender LLC quality management system is certified according to GOST R ISO 9001 and GOST R ISO 14001.


FENDER assists in the preparation of technical specifications, questionnaires in different situations and at any stage of the project. All project stakeholders: designers and consultants, maintenance, procurement and logistics, supervisory authorities and research institutions may receive comprehensive answers for both technical and price questions.


FENDER's technical solutions are based on a comprehensive functional, technical and costs study. Experienced engineers carry out calculations and drawings. All stages of design and further manufacturing are inextricably linked so that enables achievement of unsurpassed quality, reliability, and safety.


Manufacture of steel structures, final assembly of systems, testing and quality control of products are carried out at two production sites "Afipsky" and "Sheskharis" located in the Krasnodar Territory of the Russian Federation. Highquality rubber elements and polyethylene plates are manufactured at FENDER's production facilities in China. The manufactured products are certified for compliance by GOST CERT system and compliance to the requirements of technical legislation and industrial safety of the Russian Federation.


FENDER provides comprehensive information and technical support during for the design, manufacture, installation and operation of fenders and systems. We carry out the preparation of individual plans for maintenance and monitoring of the state of the berth equipment in order to achieve the correct awareness of the personnel and their actions that ensure a long service life and troublefree operation.


Responsibility and comprehensive quality control are important components of FENDER's daily work. We make sure that all processes, equipment and technologies, not only at our production sites, but also at the enterprises of our subsuppliers, meet the most stringent standards. Testing devices, systems and structures is a prerequisite before they are shipped. We apply the most stringent standards in the industry, as well as the require-ments of the International Association for Water Transport Infrastructure - PIANC.